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  • Registration 2023-2024

    Registration 2023-2024

    We want to extend a warm welcome to all our new and returning 2023-2024 families!

    Thank you for choosing Steinhauer School. If you are a returning student, Welcome Back!   
    Steinhauer School has a limited attendance area. If you are new to our school, proof of residency (utility bill, rental/purchase agreement, driving license) must be included with your student's registration package. You can check if Steinhauer School is your designated school by clicking on the Find a School link.
    If you are a new resident within our primary attendance area and are a resident of EPSB, we are happy to accept your registration to Steinhauer School, please read under "New to EPSB?" for more information about how you register for school. 
    If you do not live within our immediate attendance area or had selected another EPSB school as your school of choice, your registration is CONDITIONAL upon space availability. If the grades you are trying to register for are already at capacity, your registration will be forwarded to your designated school.  Please note, only after students from our primary neighbourhoods are accommodated will students from outside these areas be considered.

    New to EPSB?

    If your child is new to Edmonton Public Schools, you'll need to register online. Steinhauer School has started accepting new student and kindergarten registrations for the 2023-2024 school year on February 1, 2023.

    Applying after April 14, 2023, may limit your options to schools with available space. 

    Is your student starting Kindergarten in the fall?

    Children who are five years old on or before December 31, 2023, may register in Kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year. 

    Kindergarten Open House Video:
    Kindergarten parents, please enjoy this Glimpse Inside video of our extraordinary kinder classroom and know that we can't wait to see your little ones playing and learning with Mrs. Krompholz.
    Registration Process

    Please visit epsb.ca to register your child(ren).

    Under “Schools” you will see the heading “Register for School” and beneath it “Kindergarten Registration.” Remember to choose “AM” or “PM” for the time of day you prefer your child(ren) to attend Kinder classes.  Please read all the information on the website carefully before registering

    To complete the registration form, go under “STEP 3: REVIEW AND COMPLETE THE DIGITAL STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM” and click on “digital student registration.”


    Examples of accepted documentation:

    Legal proof of student’s name

    Confirmation of address

    • Canadian provincial birth certificate
    • Canadian citizenship document
    • passport
    • student visa
    • driver's license
    • utility bill
    • home insurance
    • property tax bill
    • In some cases, immigration documents (e.g., landed immigrant documentation or a Permanent Residence Card) may also be required. Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information.
    • In some cases, you may be asked to provide more than one of the above. 


    Once you have submitted your completed student registration form and supporting documents, we will review all of them. This does not mean your child has been enrolled at the schoolwe will contact you to let you know once your child is enrolled.

    We will contact you if we need clarification about any of the documents you submit. 

    Applying for Bussing with Student Transport

    Student Transportation manages all the bussing, the schools confirm student registration and forwards your cancellations or amendment requests with Transport; the school does not coordinate bussing, this is all handled by Transport.

    If you require bussing and have not applied for bussing before, please visit epsb.ca under the “Schools” heading at “Get to School” and click on “Applying for Yellow Bus Service.”  Go under the “2023-2024” heading to click on “2023-24 yellow bus service application form”.  Please read all the information carefully on the site.



    If your child rides the yellow bus, you can apply for continued service to their current school in SchoolZone between March 6 and June 1, 2023

    When you sign in to your parent SchoolZone account: 

    • go to the Student Profile tab 
    • choose Transportation 
    • select Bus Application
    • follow instructions to apply for yellow bus service for next year and make sure to update your contact information

    Missed the June 1 deadline? Use the 2023–24 yellow bus service application form or contact your child’s school. Applications are accepted throughout the year.


    Contact your school if your child is a:





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  • Transportation


    Bussing is available for students living in the Ermineskin, Graydon Hills, Paisley, Heritage Valley, and Hays Ridge neighbourhoods. If you have any questions regarding your student's eligibility for the Yellow Bus service, please follow the link to the EPSB transportation options page. 

    New to the EPSB yellow bus service? 

    Students who are new to the Edmonton Public Schools bus service will need to fill out an online form to apply. Student Transportation will collect the information and coordinate applications with your student's schools

    Current student bus riders registering for 2023-2024 yellow bus service: 

    The deadline to apply for the yellow bus service is June 1, 2023, to make sure your child receives service on the first day of school on September 1, 2023. 

    You can always apply for bus service throughout the year as bus routes change.

    The monthly bus pass fee is $38. This fee is due by the fifth of each month and can be paid through your parent portal on Schoolzone.

    Bussing is also available to children attending the District sites for Literacy and Behaviour Learning Assistance Programs at Steinhauer. Please contact the school at steinhauer@epsb.ca for more information on this specialized bussing option. 

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Welcome to Steinhauer School! We are a Kindergarten to Grade 6 school serving the Steinhauer, Ermineskin, Paisley, Graydon Hill, Hays Ridge, and Heritage Valley neighbourhoods in south Edmonton.  

At Steinhauer, we are committed to providing a supportive learning environment that fosters growth for all learners as they prepare to meet the present and future challenges. In addition, we believe that a positive learning environment encourages students to take risks, and mistakes are an essential part of the learning process. 

We have a strong focus on literacy, numeracy, and student leadership.   

We want to extend a warm welcome to all our new and returning 2022-2023 families!

Meet our staff: School Email List

School Supply List:


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6




New to EPSB?

If your child is new to Edmonton Public Schools, you'll need to register online. Steinhauer School will start accepting new student and kindergarten registrations for the 2022-2023 school year on February 1, 2022.

Applying after April 14, 2022, may limit your options to schools with available space. Learn more about registration dates and deadlines.

Is your student starting Kindergarten in the fall?

Children who are five years old, on or before December 31, 2022, may register in Kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Kindergarten Open House Video:
Kindergarten parents, please enjoy this Glimpse Inside video of our extraordinary kinder classroom and know that we can't wait to see your little ones playing and learning with Mrs. Krompholz.
Please note, all school registration is done online.

Student Information Correction Form:

Each year, from Kindergarten through grade 12, parents/guardians will be required to fill out a student information correction form (SICF). The SICF is available under the 'forms' tab on SchoolZone. Even if the information has remained the same, please log in to your account and submit the SICF without changes. This helps to confirm that we have the most up-to-date information for student safety.


Please email proof of address to the school upon completion of the SICF. This can be a utility bill, insurance card, mortgage agreement, or identification that shows the new address.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other form found on SchoolZone, please call the school office at 780-437-1080.



Steinhauer is a wonderful school, and we are excited to welcome you and your child to our learning community. We recognize that every child is unique and special and that each child learns at a different rate in a different way.

Diversity is respected and celebrated at Steinhauer.

Our goal is for each child to be successfully prepared for the future.  This means they will need the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be responsible, respectful citizens.  It is not enough to memorize facts.  Current research tells us that they will need initiative and creativity.  They will need to know how to cooperate with others, solve problems, and make good decisions.  They will need to know how to think for themselves and communicate with others. They will also need to know how to work with people from many different backgrounds.  At Steinhauer, we aim to provide the knowledge, confidence and inspire a lifelong love of learning so that our students will meet the challenges of high school and beyond.

Lori Price-Wagner