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Lunch & Nutrition

Students living within reasonable distance of the school are encouraged to return home for lunch where feasible. For students who need to remain at school during the lunch hour, a supervised lunch program is offered.  A monthly fee is required for this service to cover the cost of the lunchroom supervisors.  Lunchroom supervisors are hired for supervision purposes and are on duty throughout the lunch break. These supervisors are agents of the Edmonton Public School Board and have the same authority as a supervising teacher. Students are provided with time to eat their lunch and clean up their eating area. All students will then go outside and are expected to remain on the school grounds.

Application for a supervised lunch program can be made by completing a lunch registration form, which will be sent home with students. For students in the lunch program on a part-time or occasional basis, the fee for this program is $2.00 a day per student. For students attending the lunchroom program on a full-time basis, the fee  will be $156.00 for the school year.  The lunch registration form will be sent home with your child in September. 

Lunch privileges for any student may be cancelled if the student's behavior during the lunch break is not acceptable.

School Milk Program

Steinhauer School offers a milk program at lunch time.  Chocolate & 2% milk is available at $1.00/carton. Regular lunchroom users are encouraged to buy a MILK VOUCHER for $20.00 (entitles child to 20 units of milk). This eliminates the necessity of bringing money every day. Vouchers may be purchased in the office.


Developing good eating habits is an objective of the Health Curriculum.  All students are encouraged to bring healthy snacks to eat during breaks.  We encourage families to avoid sending foods listed on Alberta Health Services Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth “choose least often” list. Foods from this category are very low in nutrients and higher in calories, fat, sugar and salt.

Nut Policy

Steinhauer is a Nut Sensitive School.  Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for all of our students, including those with severe nut allergies. To this end we ask that all student snacks and lunches are without nut products.  For suggestions on healthy snacks, please see the Alberta Health Services website at www.albertahealthservices.ca